Blueberry Plants – DiMeo Farms and Blueberry Bushes Nursery

Get lower prices for better blueberry plants for sale farmer-direct from 4th generation DiMeo blueberry plants farmers. We specialize in growing ORGANIC, Non-GMO, Heirloom blueberry bushes. Only $10 for 3 year-old, multi-branched. Ready to Fruit this Summer 2021. DiMeo Farms is America’s best source for blueberry plants shipped direct to your door for Winter or Spring 2021 planting seasons. DiMeoContinue reading “Blueberry Plants – DiMeo Farms and Blueberry Bushes Nursery”

Blueberry Plants on Sale – DiMeo Farms & Blueberries Plants Nursery

Blueberry researchers say organic blueberries are powerful cancer and disease fighting berries. Great-Grandpop DiMeo started planting organic blueberry plants over 100 years ago in Hammonton, New Jersey. Over the years, the DiMeo Farms family expanded the family blueberry farm with planting more acres of blueberries plants and bushes. Now we know the powerful health benefits and good nutrition value ofContinue reading “Blueberry Plants on Sale – DiMeo Farms & Blueberries Plants Nursery”